Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department

   Venango County Station 16 - Crawford County Department 36   

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Pleasantville, PA

Photography Notice

For celebration and historical record purposes - some photography may be taken at our (public) events. These photos can legally be placed and published online in our viewing galleries.

If you object to having your photo taken, please do not hesitate. At the event, simply give the donation table (or any volunteer at the door) your name and let them know you wish to remain out of all photos and you will be guaranteed not to have your photo taken and/or published.

If you see a photo that has been previously posted or has been mistakenly put up and you wish to have it removed immediately, please email [email protected] and it will be removed!


If you are interested in receiving updates and important information regarding events and the community via e-mail -- please e-mail the following information to [email protected]






Note: E-mails will be sent at various times throughout the months. (Plan for no more than 5 e-mails in one month, depending on importance/events)

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We are looking for new ways to increase our funding!

If you or anyone you know has any suggestions or ideas for fund-raising/raising money for our department please contact or have them contact us at [email protected]

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Other Contacts

Rentals (Maggie Berkey): 589-7759

Auxiliary (Pam Griffin): 589-7229 


Hall Rentals
$350 (plus $100 security deposit)

$100 rental for small parties, children parties, baby showers, etc.; limited to less than 4 hours.

Pavilion Rentals

Tables $5 each
Chairs $1 each
Contact Maggie Berkey at 589-7759